Professional emulsifying machines for ice-cream parlours

The professional emulsifying machine for ice-cream parlours manufactured by 4Gel encapsulates thirty years’ experience in the sector. Our professional emulsifying machines are made specifically for making mixes (emulsions) for artisan ice cream and are so complete they can also perform the function of a turbomixer in a patisserie and much more besides.

Main Characteristics of

emulsifying machines

4gel made in italy

Thorough cleaning

Besides the classic simple cleaning of the surfaces, by removing just a few screws you can clean the parts of the emulsifying machine’s motor.

For 4Gel staff, the ability to be able to thoroughly clean this type of machinery is a key attribute so it can “last a lifetime”.

High-quality mixes

emulsionatore professionale in funzione
frusta emulsionatore evomix

Mix homogeneity

Thanks to the quality emulsion, the structures of the emulsified products have their globules cut, producing a GREATER INTEGRATION between them. This greatly increases the life of the products and ensures:

Increased volume and longer product life

One of the extremely important effects that can be obtained with 4Gel professional emulsifying machines is the increase in the volume of the mix obtained and a longer life of the mix thanks to the qualitatively superior emulsion.

Not only a greater YIELD and more DEVELOPMENT in the ice-cream parlour and patisserie preparatory stage, but for many products there can be an increase in volume ranging from 20% to 30% more.

Green Ratio: low consumption and high performance

4Gel guarantees a key ratio between the demand for reduced energy costs and excellent performance when you need a leaner, but still high performance machine.

This green ratio demonstrates the care and attention that 4Gel directs to the customer’s cost-savings and production needs.

touch screen evo20

Evomix 10 professional emulsifying machine

See the Evomix10 product data sheet

Turbomix EVO20

See the EVO20 product data sheet

Flexible Turbomixes

By combining a 4Gel ice-cream parlour emulsifying machine with an induction plate and a pot, you can make many IMPORTANT STEPS for ice-cream mixes.

This very same function also applies to many steps in making confectionery, making it possible to save time while improving the various internal structures.

This characteristic flexibility of EVOMIX10 and Turbomix EVO20 also depends on the fact that they are provided with one impeller for thick or oily creams and one impeller for chopping and blending fresh or frozen fruit.

The straightforward and efficient ice-cream parlour emulsifying machine

The flat base facilitates moving containers right/left and left/right, reducing the continual working effort of lifting them. In addition, thanks to continual research, the fruit of thirty years’ experience, the ice-cream parlour professional emulsifying machines have been designed to be slim, straightforward and highly performing.

This experience merges in a machine, available in both Touchscreen and Push-button panel versions, that combines user-friendliness and streamlining in every production operation available.

dolce alla crema prodotta da emulsionatore 4gel

Low-noise professional emulsifying machines

The research and development of the various COMPONENTS have led to A DECREASE in decibels while keeping performance and power unchanged.

The Evomix 10 professional emulsifying machine and the Turbomix EVO 20 benefit from the noise reduction to the advantage of the operator while working.

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