EMT70 Commercial Ice Cream Batch Freezer

The commercial ice cream batch freezer EMT 70 manufactured by 4Gel is the top of the range created from over 30 years of experience of our staff in the ice-cream parlour and patisserie sector. 

EMT70 is an ice cream batch freezer designed to achieve a high level of automation while keeping the flavour of the tradition of artisan ice cream in the end product.

EMT 70

strong points

More intense taste

Excellent batch freezing for a surprisingly creamy result.

EMT70 enables obtaining a rich and creamy ice cream, with a smooth, intense flavour, just like the Italian tradition of artisan ice cream requires.

Greater stability and shelf life

The smaller the crystals and the better the structure and duration over time. The mass inside the cylinder is constantly moving and freezes in just a few seconds (principle of micro-crystallisation).

EMT 70 Technical Characteristics

Width 53 cm
Depth 106 cm
Height 140 cm

Average Absorbed Electrical Power
Average absorbed electrical power: 6 kW

Nominal Power
Nominal Power 7,3 kW

Electric Power Supply
VAC 400 3+N 50 HZ
caratteristiche tecniche mantecatore gelato
tempo produzione mantecatore gelato

Chilling water consumption (first phase)

The cooling by condensation of the EMT 70 ice cream batch freezer consumes approximately 4 litres of water a minute with the incoming water at 15 degrees centigrade.

Refrigerant Gas
R 452 A ( GWP 2.141)

380 kg

Why choose the EMT 70 professional ice cream batch freezer

The importance of micro-crystals

The EMT70 professional batch freezer considerably shortens the product chilling time. Only shortening the chilling time enables obtaining MICRO-CRYSTALS that ensure an aggregating structure with greater stability, increased balance of the volume, longer shelf life, duration over time and a more intense taste.

Optimal structure and overrun

Optimal structure even with low percentages of solids and sugars. Depending on the type of recipe, the overrun value ranges from 20 to 40%.

importanza microcristalli mantecatore gelato
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Production flexibility

With the EMT70 batch freezer it is possible to decide whether to make a small, medium or large production run depending on your production requirements. EMT70 therefore meets the needs of retail or distributors (supermarkets – automatic dispensers – single-portion or tub makers), all thanks to the product’s stability over time.

Product rippling

With the EMT70 batch freezer you have complete control over the rippling of the ice cream made as the product comes out of the machine.

EMT70 gives you straightforward easy control over the rippling of the ice cream, without any downtime during production.

Capacitive touchscreen

The touchscreen panel has user-friendly graphics and symbols that makes using the instrument easier for the operator. In addition, through the Ethernet interface software upgrading is straightforward as is hooking up for remote support.

Process control integration

  • Management software on feedback on all the processing phases
  • Safety control integration
  • Preventive maintenance on 3 levels
  • Black box of the functions
schermo touch screen mantecatore gelato professionale
esempio di funzionamento di semplice utilizzo del mantecatore gelato

Multiple methods of adding the mix

The mix can be poured manually into the built-in tub or added, via pump suction, from a pasteuriser or a ripening vat alongside the machine.

An auger that speeds up production

Only the improved auger of this EMT70 and its fast chilling allow ice cream to come out just 50 seconds after adding the mix.

Ergonomics and user-friendliness

The working position is erect, therefore there is no need to bend over in the different phases of the production process. The possibility of CONTINUOUS production enables extraction even by an unskilled operator.

Fast and thorough cleaning

All the grinding parts in contact with the ice cream can be washed in a dishwasher for proper cleaning and disinfection. To wash the tank and the grinding chamber, a practical handy pressure jet is used.

Consumption limitation

Production being equal, the consumption of both water and electricity is among the lowest in the range. It is also possible to have air condensation which eliminates the consumption of water.

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