Turbomix EVO 20

The turbomix EVO 20 manufactured by 4Gel is the flagship of 4Gel professional emulsifying machines. Evo 20 is made, like its smaller brother

Evomix 20, for specially making emulsions – mixes – for artisan ice cream. 

Its larger size enables increasing performance in terms of processed product capacity.

The optimal working range for this model can reach 20 litres, decreasing work times.


strong points


Minimum capacity


Maximum capacity


Mix volume

4gel made in italy

Turbomix EVO 20 Technical Characteristics

Width 40 cm
Depth 45 cm
Height 75 cm – 113 cm extended

Average Absorbed Electrical Power
Turbomix Evo 20 has an average absorbed electrical power of 0.37 kW

Peripheral Speed
Peripheral speed: 19 m per second

Electric Power Supply
230 VAC – 50/60 HZ

Weight: 58 kg
versione touchscreen del turbomix evo 20

Touch version

Touch panel to manage:

  • Starting up and switching off
  • Motor speed
  • Timer to programme the emulsion time
  • Recipes (normal, ganache and fatty pastes)
  • Signalling and resetting alarms
versione pulsantiera turbomix evo 20

Push-button panel version

  • Simplified, but complete push-button panel.
  • Functions at your fingertips and positioned in an ergonomic version.
  • TIMER push-button for an additional processing time and subsequent automatic machine stopping.
  • Emergency button for switching off the machine immediately.

The key aspects of 4Gel turbomixes

visione dal basso del turbomix evo 20 dalle maggiori capacità di emulsione

Maximum quality mixes

  • Reduction in particle size down to 2 microns
  • Greatest physical cohesion between small particles
  • Improved quality of ripening of the mixes
  • Development of the products during the processes of leavening and/or baking

20%–30% more effectiveness

Turbomix EVO20 offers the added value of a higher quality mix that translates into a product with a greater volume and longer life in a percentage ranging from 20% to 30% more.

Mix homogeneity

The structures of the emulsified products integrate more with each other thanks to the quality emulsion. It greatly increases the life of the products.

Turbomix EVO20: the value of flexibility

By combining the turbomix EVO 20 with an induction plate and a pot, you can easily make many important steps for ice-cream mixes or for confectionery products.

visuale alta turbomix per miscele gelato
componenti trubomix evo 20

Thorough cleaning

By removing just a few screws it is possible to clean the internal components of the machinery including its motor, which is essential for a long product life.

Green Ratio: low consumption and high performance

4Gel ensures an optimised product also under the energy profile without however forfeiting the performance of the machinery. The green ratio demonstrates the company’s care and attention to the issue of energy savings.